While it may seem like a basic idea, the importance of exercise in achieving a conscious and awakened state cannot be overlooked. In fact, the very word exercise is derived from the word “exorcism” which indicates it’s a tool to drive out demons.

Why Is Exercise So Important?

Quality body exercises result in having a strong, balanced, flexible mind and connection with our soul. Training your body in a multidisciplinary manner through stretching, yoga, and resistance training uses muscles, fibers, and tendons to build up strong and balanced roots. This is a necessary foundation for higher meditation, increased focus and overall well being.

The chemicals and hormones that are released when moving and stretching your body create harmony and a natural feeling of euphoria. Your body is your vehicle- your tool for sensory experience on this earth plane. Exercising essentially finetunes your vehicle so that it can experience the fullness of physical existence. When your body is in a broken-down state, stiff, immobile and weakened from not exercising, reaching higher states of awareness is very challenging.

Tips On Getting Started

Exercising does not have to be difficult and is in fact very enjoyable! Here is a plan of action to take you from a lump on the couch all the way up to a pretzel bending yogini.

Meet yourself where you’re at, starting with morning and evening walks and gentle stretching to loosen fibers and lubricate your muscles. From there you can build up to more strenuous and intense exercises if that is your preference. The hardest part is taking that first step!

Consistency is key. Make exercise a priority and a part of your daily routine. If you are consistent and do it every day, eventually it will become a new habit and you won’t have to push yourself. In fact, your body will beg to move, stretch and even sweat!

Use the buddy system. Having an accountability partner is encouraging and motivating. Find someone to go on walks with, meet at the gym, ride bikes, or hike. Set goals and help each other stick to them.

Specific Types Of Exercise

Using your own bodyweight or extra weights to increase the intensity and heat your body up will build strength and make you sweat. Sweating is detoxifying and stimulates your lymphatic system to release toxic energies that surround your energy fields, helping to pierce through specific limitations in your life.

You can try using a variety of workouts. For example, slow movement exercises where you use more weight and fewer reps will build up your power to eventually pull more weight, growing your muscle mass. The more muscle mass you have, the faster your metabolism functions, burning more fat even while resting.

Mix it up with rapid movements or more reps with lightweights or your own body weight. Calisthenics such as yoga, pilates, running, jumping jacks, situps, push-ups etc, are a great option and require no outside equipment.
Don’t forget your core. Like the trunk of a tree, a strong core is important for a stable center, good digestion and balance.

Gym membership too expensive? Don’t want to be seen in public in your yoga pants? Youtube is an excellent (i.e. free) resource for every type of exercise imaginable! You can try out all kinds of different workout routines to find the ones you love most. From dancing, yoga, pilates, HIIT cardio, strength training and everything in between, it’s a great way to discover your unique preferences.

When you feel shakiness and burning in your muscles, it’s your energy centers opening up, so embrace the feeling! Push yourself to the point of a challenge, but listen to your body and ease off when you need to. You will not become superman overnight, but with consistency and repetition, you will soon be blowing past your current limitations!
A Deeper Insight:

When you heat up your body and put your muscles under pressure, an electric phenomenon, called piezoelectric, occurs where crystals in our tissues, bones and all structures in between become amplified. This eventually results in an increased amount of subtle awareness and grows spiritual abilities.

The same goes for when our heartbeat goes up, our body’s vibration goes into a superconductive state which enables us to interact with noble elements that are already present in the body. This then stimulates our natural bodily fluids which our mind needs to be in an optimal state and to properly connect with spirit.

Additionally, oxytocin is released even after just 10 minutes of working out. We can increase the joy and gratefulness by being aware that through the exercise we are also experiencing a feeling-type of meditation. If we are not overfocused on the strain of the workout, we can tune into the actual experience of how it feels to push our muscles and bodies past preconceived limits. Tapping into this energy exchange is powerful and exhilarating.

In Conclusion

Exercise is a necessary aspect of discovering your uniqueness and reaching higher consciousness. Just as flowing water brings forth life and stagnant water brings decay and disease, so to have our bodies (vehicles) been designed for movement. While it can seem difficult at first, with a little consistency and dedication, you will be astonished by how quickly your body adapts and even starts to crave a good workout. Now get out there and make some moves!

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