Internal Cleansing

One of the fantastic capabilities of the human body is its ability to adapt. While this serves as an excellent survival mechanism, it also means we’re able hold on to heavy toxin loads without necessarily being aware.

Your body is able to adapt to toxins in the air you breathe; the water you drink, cook with, and bathe in, the foods you eat—not to mention some of the jobs you’ve held, some of the relationships you’ve been in, and even the past lives you’ve lived! These toxins take a toll on the human body and in a sense, put a lid on conscious expansion.

Why Is Cleansing So Important?

Internal cleansing is the most effective way to raise your vibration.

An essential component to regaining control of your human experience and elevating your consciousness to the next level, an internal cleanse consists of flushing out the internal organs—discharging toxins that have accumulated over time.

More specifically, internal cleansing can aid in the removal of old fecal matter, toxins, poisons, bacteria, drug residue, and heavy metals that hinder your potential for activation.

Though it can seem intimidating on the surface and challenging at the onset, once you complete a cleanse, you will be amazed at how rewarding it is. You will feel clear-minded, empowered, relaxed and more in control of your emotions.

Three Ways to Internally Cleanse

Fasting: Fasting is refraining from eating for a period of time. It gives your internal organs a break from focusing on digesting foods and allows your body to address other areas that can get overlooked. It is free, natural, and has many benefits– some of which include: helps fight inflammation, improves blood pressure and cholesterol levels, boosts cognitive function, aids weight loss, delays aging, rejuvenates skin. Some of the most common types of fasting are: dry, water, juice, intermittent and seasonal.

Dietary Shift: Though the body has a natural way of detoxing every day, sometimes it can use additional assistance. Certain types of food help the body eliminate built-up waste. These are foods high in fiber and fruits with high water content. Shifting your lifestyle (temporarily or permanently) to cut out processed and other toxic foods and add organic and whole foods will help cleanse your body.

Detoxing Herbs: Detoxing herbs can enhance wellness by pulling toxins out of the organs. They are a very effective way to cleanse the body, especially when combined with fasting or a clean eating diet. Particular herbs and herbal combinations are used to flush specific organs or systems. You can use detoxing herbs in teas or capsules, which may require an investment. If you buy a kit, do your homework to make sure you purchase one that supports your cleansing goals and doesn’t contain any allergens. Some of the most common organs and systems that are cleansed are colon, liver, gallbladder, kidneys, and blood.

A Deeper Insight:

As important as it is to remove certain foods for a period of time to flush impurities from your body, it’s equally important to be mindful of how you reintroduce foods back into your body after the cleanse ends.

It is unwise and unsafe to go to your favorite fast-food restaurant to celebrate your success- or purchase your favorite bag of chips from the gas station…

In fact, a cleanse is an excellent time to reset your diet, eliminate old cravings for junk food and sugar and begin new healthful eating habits.

Research the process of properly breaking fasts and how to most effectively restore good bacteria/ balance the microbiome in your gut after an internal cleanse. Reckless and undisciplined eating after a cleanse can have harmful effects and could leave you worse than before the flush.

It is not a good idea to cleanse too fast or randomly. If, for instance, you are cleansing several organs, make sure you cleanse in the correct order. If you are not careful, you can damage healthy and properly functioning organs by flushing toxins from one organ to another.

Jyotish Numerology recommends fasting once a week depending on your psychic number. Observing this fast can aid in nullifying negative energy and even assisting the occurrence of miracles in life. See details in chart below.

Psychic NumberDay of the week to fast

In Conclusion

Our body is our temple and also the vehicle for our soul. When it’s loaded up and weighed down with toxins, it will function at a much lower level than designed. Because of its ability to adapt, many people live in this clogged up, foggy state of disease, anxiety, and inability to tap into their spiritual/psychic powers without really understanding their full potential.

For those on the spiritual path, cleansing is a necessary first step towards higher consciousness. As mentioned, there are many ways you can begin to cleanse your body. Starting off slowly and building up from there is a great approach. Once you begin to feel the amazing effects of a cleaner vessel and higher vibration, you will become hooked!

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