Stilling or taking back control of the mind is one of the most fundamental practices for any being, whether a neophyte or adept—as it provides the core foundation for expansion in every aspect of life.

Why Is Meditation So Important?

The simple act of stilling the mind in meditation opens the door to a wide array of benefits. The most significant is that meditation will build your awareness and increase your sensitivities to subtle energies.

Meditation quiets noisy chatter of the mind and helps the seeker distinguish between the higher and lower selves. As the mind quiets down and your attention draws inward, the consciousness is able to expand and to pick up on vibrations, which otherwise would have been less noticeable with the mind in its usual ‘monkey’ state.

The results are:

  • A heightened sense of clarity and intuition
  • The ability to identify and process stagnant energies in the body and consciousness
  • An increased level of discernment so you can make more aligned decisions
  • The overall tendency to respond rather than react in all situations

Tips On Getting Started

Whole Body Breathing is one of the most versatile meditation practices. Because most people unconsciously practice shallow breathing, your body is starved of oxygen. By opening up the diaphragm and utilizing your breathing apparatus to its full potential, you will be able to bring about a state of calmness and clarity effortlessly, as well as energize your body for the rest of the day, or in preparation for takeoff into the dream space.

Below, find two tutorial explaining how to perform the “Whole Body Breathing” method of meditation:

Whole Body Breathing is an excellent tool to have in your arsenal, as it not only energizes the body, but provides mental clarity so you can act in your most balanced alignment.

A Deeper Insight:

Meditation is an act of implosion. It is easy to mistake exercise as a process that builds energy, when in fact, exercise is more of an act of explosion (the loss of power/ expending energy). Meditation on the other hand, focuses on building energy, which is what makes meditation a paramount practice for our existence. Meditation will provide you with the power to bring your manifestations into the physical, as well as assisting you in building an iron focus so you can attune to the frequencies you desire to attract.

In Conclusion

Whether you are going for a walk, doing intense studying, practicing playing an instrument, or any other task, meditation is an amazing practice to accelerate growth. In the stillness, the mind finds energy and focus.

Breathing is the most essential part of living. You can go years without food, days without water, but only minutes without air. Proper breathing combined with daily meditation practices will have profound effects in harmonizing and energizing your internal environment and aligning and enlivening your external environment.

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